Worship at Home

Here's a collection of material to help us praise and worship God at home. 

Anything we've underlined is a link to more details.



If you don't already receive it, why don't you sign up for the Circuit's weekly newsletter. That's the best way to keep up to date with everything that's going on. Have a look at past newsletters here.


Have a look too at the Junior Church at Home Page. As well as Junior Church activities, it has some links to other places where our young people can get some virtual entertainment as they can't meet up with their friends.

A lot of people in our Circuit have committed to stopping what they are doing at midday each day (or at 9.00 am on Sundays) to say the Lord's Prayer knowing that we will be doing so in communion with many friends. Please join us if you feel you would like to, and perhaps you might like to reflect on a different verse each day.

But there must be great stuff we don't know about. Click the big orange button to tell us of anything you recommend.

Click here to find more news about the church re-opening

Worship Online 

Follow any of these live streamed services by clicking the links

This Sunday morning at 9.30 Join us for early worship from Stockland Green Methodist Church led by Revd Dr Jimmy Dube with 'Gospel Central'. You can share a lively and God-filled start to Sunday below if the stream works for us (sometimes it can be a bit temperamental) or on the Circuit's YouTube channel by clicking here.

This Sunday morning at 10.30 the Circuit service will be live from our church here at Four Oaks, led by Revd Stephen and with some of us in attendance. (Please only come along in person if you booked in advance)


Those of us not supporting Stephen in worship in person can watch live, or later, on the Circuit's YouTube channel by clicking here.

Every Sunday evening at 6.30 pm join the Circuit evening service on the Circuit's YouTube channel by clicking here.


This week's service will be led by our own Angela Constantine with contributions from another Four Oaks stalwart, JulieAnn Reed. If the software cooperates with us you can watch it below. 

Zooming in on Prayer

Next meeting 4 November

8.00 - 8.45 pm


Feel welcome to join and leave when you wish. There will be an opportunity for anyone to pray if they wish, but no pressure to pray aloud if you are not comfortable to do so.


Joining details are in the weekly notices the Sunday before each meeting, or can be obtained from any church friend in the WhatsApp group, or from the office, from the prayer line, or from the website.


Some other services we have enjoyed


From Methodist Central Hall on this link. Live service every Sunday at 11.00 am.

From Wesley's Chapel on this linkService times are:

Wednesday 12:45

Thursday 12:45

Sunday 9:45 and 11:00

From HTB Church every Sunday (they have numerous start times).

From SwanBank Methodist Church on Sundays at 10:30 am on YouTube.

From All Souls Church in London live at 9.30 am, 11.30 am and 5.30 pm every Sunday on their website.

St Ebbes Church in Oxford has a daily service at 8.45 am every weekday and a weekly service at 10.00 am on Sundays on their YouTube channel.

Tell us if you recommend anything else

Worship on Radio and TV even on the Telephone

BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship - every Sunday at 8.10 am

BBC Radio 4 (Long Wave) - Daily Service at 9.45 am

BBC 1 - Songs of Praise - every Sunday at 1.15 pm 

BBC is supporting a live service at 8.00 am every Sunday which will be relayed on 39 local radio stations.


The Methodist Church GB has launched two phone numbers which you can call to listen to a prayer (for that dial: 0808 281 2514) or listen to some news (for that dial: 0808 281 2478). Content is updated every Thursday afternoon.

The Church of England has launched the Daily Hope telephone line which is available 24/7 on 0800 804 8044. Callers can choose from a range of options, including hymns, prayers and reflections.

More locally, don't forget our own prayer line. If you need someone from our church to pray with you, or for you, call the prayer line on 07942 581223 or email fomcprayer@gmail.com


If you know someone who is not online and who might value these telephone services please pass them the numbers.

Tell us if you recommend anything else

Worship Resources

Revd Stephen and Susie collect lots of resources for the Weekly Notices. Check those out here. If you don't get this already, sign up for the Circuit newsletter by clicking here.


Revd Stephen's Words on the Word are now being published on the Circuit website - here. (Stephen will take a deserved break for half term.) They are great notes and thoughts on the various readings for this week that are set by the common lectionary.

There is a weekly Methodist Church GB worship sheet that you can use at home independently of any service. Open this week's copy here.

Get a free weekly worship sheet from The Vine by registering with them here. Click here to open the materials for 25 October.

Click here to visit the Singing the Faith website which has tons of free service sheets and resources for worshipping at home, and click here for Singing the Faith News.

Have a look here at the links page on the Faith and Worship site for loads of suggestions for worship resources.

The Church of England has a prayer resources page here with a lot of material for worship at home as well as some helpful suggestions for prayers about the outbreak and praying with children at this time.


Take some time to join in prayer with 24-7 Prayer International.

There's free worship and learning for adults and children every week from Roots - click here to try it out.

Tell us if you recommend anything else.

Study Online 

Would you like to take this opportunity to engage more with Christian study? Perhaps Revd Stephen's weekly Words on the Word have inspired you.

A good place to start might be with this page, a Word in Time Bible Study from the Methodist Church or see if any of the different ways of engaging with the Bible suggested on this page or on this page work for you. 

Bible.org has tons of material too, whether you want to get to grips with a favourite book, or a topic that interests you, to look up different points of view on a specific verse or find a daily study plan that suits you.

Short of time? Try listening to some of these one-minute talks from Christian Standard Bible.  Or perhaps meditate on a short prayer for the day from the Methodist Church.


You could try out something new, maybe sharing with a friend by phone or a Zoom house group. There are some guidelines here on hosting and attending Zoom meetings - they have become popular with lots of us who had never contemplated such a thing as recently as March!

Tell us if you recommend anything else.

Sing at home

Leaving aside services, do you fancy being part of a worldwide virtual choir? Of course you do - all Methodists love to sing!


Sign up at the website of the the National Methodist Church of Great Britain and they will tell you how.

If you can listen to Premier Christian Radio on a digital radio on by clicking here for the online radio player you might like to join Pam Rhodes just after the 1.00 pm news every day except Sunday. She is playing a few favourite songs and hymns that we can sing along with. The bathroom gives the best acoustics!

Test your puzzling skills  

Bet you didn't know Revd Stephen writes a mean Bible quiz!

He has a collection of clever puzzles to test your wits and see if you can find your way around your Bible. Not a crossword, or sudoku or a word search, but somehow all of them. One day these might be a book, but generously Revd Stephen has allowed us to put them up here on the website.

They are called BIBLEWORDS.

Here at Website HQ we had decided to post a new one every week, but the editor got a bit hooked on them and didn't want to wait for the next, so if you click the picture you download the whole lot. We have!

See if you can solve one of these "old school" by just printing out the page and tackling it armed only with a pencil and your Bible. But don't worry if you can't - Revd Stephen has given you lots of help towards the back of the book.

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