Junior Church at Home

Here's a collection of material to help us be Junior Church at home. 

Anything we've underlined is a link to more details.

There's good stuff for grown-ups on the Worship at Home Page, and you may be surprised by how much we can all do together, so check that out. 

We could join the grown-ups in our Circuit who decided earlier in the first lockdown to stop every day at midday (or at 9.00 am on Sundays) to say the Lord's Prayer together. Maybe you could learn it in British Sign Language? Or if you are feeling creative, perhaps you could colour one of these pictures of the Lord's Prayer, or - better still - make your own.

Youth event at Stockland Green Church - you are invited! It's on Sunday 8 August, aimed at children aged 5+ and there will be children there from all our sister churches as well as Coventry and Nuneaton Circuit. Click here to open the poster and get the contact details.


Seniors, are you up for learning the prayer in French? Or how about texting it? Can you do better than this version? dad@hvn, ur spshl. we want wot u want, & urth2b like hvn. giv us food & 4giv r sins lyk we 4giv uvaz. don't test us! save us! bcos we kno ur boss, ur tuf & ur cool 4 eva! ok?

Use the big orange button to send us anything else we should be sharing far and wide.

Junior Church by Zoom every Sunday at 4.00 pm 

Give this a try if you haven't already. It's a half hour of fun every week for primary school children and their parents. Click here for the Church's guidelines on using Zoom.


To join the fun click here to email Revd Malcolm and get the link (this is a safeguarding protocol) or you'll have the details anyway if you sign up here to receive the Circuit newsletter each week. 

Fridays @ 5.17

Tune into God

In 2021, join with children and young people across the country, by stopping to pray and listen to God on Fridays at 5.17 pm.


This video tells you all you need to know!

Why 5.17

Want some peace to talk to God? Download and print the Do Not Disturb door hanger. (Don't worry seniors, there's a copy that's already coloured in - we know some people are too cool to crayon!)

Resources for Junior Church 

Get Bible Stories For Children, on your computer, phone or tablet, including related colouring pages you can print out.

Download the Bible App for Kids from Bible.com.

The Beginners Bible has lots of free puzzles and colouring pages here.

Explore the Bible - free resources from Bible Society.

For those keen on word searches ... hundreds of them here and even more than that on this link!

Roots On The Web are making materials available for free each week, including some lovely activity sheets. 

Illustrated Ministry have great children's worship material, which at present is available free. Click here to register for them to email you material every week. 


How do you fancy Messy Church at Home? There's tons of great ideas and materials here.

Visit the YouTube channel of All Souls Church in London here for really inspirational stories and activities aimed at what they call Scramblers (aged 2-4), Climbers (aged 4-7) and Explorers (aged 7-11).

Tell us if you recommend anything else

Stuff we can do at home

We get a lot of Junior Church materials from Scripture Union, who are great. They have lots of activity videos on YouTube. Try one below, and if you click here you can watch them all on YouTube and subscribe to their channel so you don't miss them as they come out.

We've really enjoyed some videos and podcast stories too that have been produced by St Mark's primary school in Farnborough.

Revd Phil Warrey from the Herefordshire (South & East) Circuit has been producing some videos showcasing his puppets. Have a look at the S Club Playlist on his YouTube channel here. (No, not that S Club!)

In case you need some practice before we finally get back into church properly here is our favourite song recorded by friends from Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church. They're good, aren't they!

Many of the links we collected for the Summer holidays are still available below if you have a favourite, or if there's something you wish you had tried out. 

How about a free show from Cirque du Soleil? Click here and and settle back to be amazed.

Or maybe a trip to the Zoo ... in Australia! Click here to be flown straight there. Try out the talks from the keepers too. Or maybe in America? Click here for the animal webcams at the Smithsonian Zoo (the panda webcam is awesome!) 

While you're in the mood for some travel, Google Treks allows you to journey to more than 20 famous and beautiful places all around the world - like the Grand Canyon, the Amazon Basin (the one in Brazil, not the large bowl you ordered online), Everest Base Camp, or the Burj Khalifa, and The World At Home takes you on tours around loads of famous places, and you can check out tours they've already done here

How about a virtual tour around a museum? Click here to pick which one you feel like visiting today.

Watch the illumination show at Disneyland Paris - Click here to find their new Spring lights show on their Facebook page or here to watch a previous show on YouTube from 2018.

Lots of games, jokes and videos from Sesame Street. No we didn't know they were still around either!

Feel like travelling even further afield? Try NASA at home for a mammoth collection of games, videos, activities and fun. 

What have you done that you think other people might like? Got any cool links? Get in touch and let us know by clicking the big orange button above.

Hi Seniors

That's the school year done with then! Where did that time go? So many events we haven't been able to share in church - good ones and sad ones. Whatever you're feeling about school, or family, remember that you're never dealing with this on your own, and whatever you're feeling others are having the same thoughts and worries. Have a look at some these stories on the excellent Be Headstrong site. 

Church is getting itself in gear with morning services again.  We don't know yet when we might be "back to normal" enough for Junior Church to resume, but even with concerning new variants and surging case numbers things do look a bit more promising now. For the moment though, we're still Junior Church At Home. That means fewer people to chat to, as well as providing your own cookies, all of which sucks, obviously.


But it doesn't mean we're not thinking about each other though. And it definitely doesn't mean any of us have to feel alone. So do stay in touch. Stay in touch with your friends, of course.  Get in touch with Ian if you need anything (all your parents have his number/email), even if all you need is someone different to talk to.  But especially, keep in touch with God.  Remember that He's not in Lockdown and Heaven is definitely a Green destination. God is truly happy to hear from you any time, and if you listen out He will make it a conversation.

Ian stumbled across this video recently, and was struck more than anything by how just a handful of people, in an ordinary room like the one we meet in at church, with no special acoustics, no technology, no musicians, could still worship God sounding like a big choir. (Ian can teach you the lyrics if you like this, though sadly despite much determined practice in the bathroom during successive lockdowns he still sings like a cow with laryngitis!)

Test your puzzling skills  



We've put this on both of the "at home" pages because this is amazingly good. You might have known already that Revd Stephen has written maths books, but who knew that Revd Stephen also writes a mean Bible quiz!

He has a collection of clever puzzles to test your wits and see if you can find your way around your Bible. One day these might be a book, but generously Revd Stephen has allowed us to put them up here on the website. The deal is - if he does publish this, you have to give him a brilliant review on Amazon - OK? (No, just kidding!)

They are called BIBLEWORDS. Just click the picture to download the whole lot.

See if you can solve one of these "old school" by just printing out the page and tackling it armed only with a pencil and your Bible. But don't worry if you can't - Revd Stephen has given you lots of help towards the back of the book.