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Events at church are still affected by Covid restrictions but we are now worshipping in person as well as online. Check out the News and Information page and the Re-Opening Church page for the latest information about services.

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At the moment this page is a little nostalgic. It reminds us what some of our usual activities used to be like before everything had to close in March last. Little by little though we hope to return things to something like they were before, and then maybe we will need a new page to describe lots of new and different events!

In the meantime

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Regular Events

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Café church - church with tea, coffee and cake.

Around once a month on a Sunday evening we have a café-style service in a relaxed and conversational style, enlivened by music, cake, coffee and tea.  It will usually be in Room 2 rather than the church. Keep an eye on the Services page and come along. If you've never tried casual, chatty church you might find it's just your cup of tea.

Saturday Drop-In - fellowship with tea, coffee and cake (sensing a theme?)


On Saturday mornings between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon drop in for a chat, a cup of tea, perhaps a bacon sandwich in the small hall. Bring a friend, or make one. Catch up on the news. Catch your breath before you go shopping. Some of those dropping also have a game of table tennis - but that's not obligatory!

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Extend Exercise - (yes, including something to eat!)

A time to join in some manageable exercise suitable for senior citizens. You might be surprised how much you benefit from doing just a little bit more than you thought you could.  Sessions are from 12.00 to 2.00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month, including a light lunch. Get in touch if you would like to come, or need a little encouragement.

Monday Fellowship - weekly friendship and worship

A group meets to share in friendship and worship every Monday afternoon at 2.00.pm and everyone is welcome to join them. There is often a speaker on a topic of general interest (commonly secular), as well as prayers. Meetings end with a cup of tea and a chat, and it's a great place to get to know people. There is a £1.50 charge to cover the expenses. If you would like some encouragement the office can put you in touch with someone from the Fellowship to speak to beforehand, or just come along.

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Toddlers Group - Thursday in term time at 9.30 am


The Toddlers group meets on Thursday mornings as an opportunity for carers to get together for company and fellowship whilst the children also make new friends and play together. Get in touch with the office if you would like any details.

Men's Table Tennis - first Saturday of the month 7.30-9.00 pm

A group meets on the first Saturday evening of the month to play table tennis and generally share fellowship and you are cordially invited to join them. The group is very casual, a mix of ages from about 11 years old up to around 99.  Ability ranges from those who have never held a bat before to those who think they are terrific. Taking yourself or the game too seriously is not allowed. 

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Events to watch out for

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Events around the Circuit

You are always welcome at events and services at all the churches in our circuit. Click the Circuit logo to visit the Circuit website and you can search for upcoming events by category.


All the churches in the Circuit contribute posts so it's a great way of finding out what's happening.


If you choose the "follow" option on the Circuit website you can receive an email every time something is posted that you might be interested in.

God in Love Unites Us

This is the name of a report produced for the Methodist Church by its Marriage and Relationships Task Group 2019, and which all churches are asked to discuss. You can get a flavour of the report in the video and read it here.


On 8 February there was a "Question Time" meeting at South Parade Methodist Church to understand more about the issues, ask questions and begin what will be a deep and prayerful conversation throughout our church. If you were there, please can you share what you heard - from all opinions - with those who were unable to attend so we can all be better informed.