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Pray With Us

Prayer Line

If you would like someone to pray for you, or with you, or for a particular concern that is on your heart email the prayer line at


Who prays and why?

Well, yes, we do. Not only during regular services, or when we meet in house groups, but all the time. And on this page you will find some details of when you can join us to pray if you wish. We believe God wants to have a personal relationship with us and that prayer is how we can develop that. Spending time in prayer is consciously spending time in God's presence - a huge privilege.


But we're not alone. Some research by Tearfund found that nearly half the people in the UK pray. A lot of those people reported that they pray often, every day or at least once every week. That's more than the number of people who regularly attend any kind of formal worship in a church, mosque or temple. Anecdotal evidence suggests that during the pandemic the number of people who pray regularly increased significantly, and we're expecting to see research on this published before too long.

People pray for their friends and family, for solutions to the things that are worrying them and often for healing. They do so expecting that their prayers can make a difference. So do we.

Care Team

If you would like someone from the care team to pray with you, or for you, please speak to a steward during or after a service. They will be able to introduce you to someone, and perhaps show you to somewhere quiet if you prefer.

Thy Kingdom Come - the global wave of prayer

Thy Kingdom Come is an initiative begun in the Church of England and now a worldwide movement that calls on Christians around the world to devote some time each day between Ascension Day and Pentecost to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. That can include the people who are praying of course, who may deepen their relationship with God by their own participation.

We've heeded this call every year - regardless of lockdowns - and we invite you to join us. Click to find out more about Thy Kingdom Come and to look at all the fantastic prayer resources they have assembled to help you find a way to spend time with God in a way that suits your life and your circumstances. Try the video below for a taste of the Methodist Church's response to Thy Kingdom Come.


Prayer Resources

Did you know that since 1999 24-7 Prayer International, an interdenominational and international initiative has had groups in prayer constantly around the world? Their website has loads of interesting and encouraging ideas about praying - have a look.


There are lots of other ideas and resources around that might help you start a conversation with God if that's something new to you, or deepen your relationship with him if you'd like to do that.

Try the Methodist Church website's Daily Prayer, or the Prayer Page for some ideas to get started. There are far more ways of spending time in God's company than you might have tried before.  

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