Events at church are still affected by Covid restrictions but we are now worshipping in person as well as online, and other church activities are gradually resuming.


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Here are answers to some questions we've been asked. If your question isn't here, or the answer doesn't help you, please get in touch with us.


Email the office or email the website editor. We'll do our best to answer your question and we'll improve this page for the future.

For information about changes to our usual activities resulting from the current health crisis please click the Coronavirus button above or follow this link for the latest information we have.

When are your services?  Every Sunday and Wednesday morning and every other Sunday evening. With a few additional services sometimes. Upcoming services and service times are listed here.

How do I find the church?  There are some directions - and details about parking - on the Visitors page here.

Do you have facilities for visitors with disabilities?  There is level access from the car park entrance, and we have a hearing loop and can provide large print books. One of the toilets is adapted to be accessible. If you contact the office we may be able to help with other concerns. 

Should I dress up for church?  Only if you want to, or you're going somewhere smart afterwards! You might see a few people in "Sunday Best" sometimes, but mostly people dress casually. Come as you are!

What happens in a service?  They vary a bit depending on whether you're at a Sunday morning service in the church or a more informal afternoon or evening service in one of the rooms. Have a look at the Worship page here

How many people will be at a service?  About 80-100 people come to services on Sunday mornings, and about 30 people on Wednesday mornings. Other services tend to have around a dozen or so people. Our congregation is a good cross section of our local community. 

What do you offer for children?  There are baby changing facilities and a crèche area in church which is always available, and some activity bags for younger children. On Sunday mornings (except for family services when we're all in church together) children are invited to Junior Church - click here for details. Our safeguarding policy is here.  

Will I have to make a donation?  No, you won't, though at services there will usually be a collection at some point so you could if you wanted to. There's more information about that here.  

Does it matter where I sit?  No, sit anywhere you like. On Sunday mornings you might find two or three rows of seats at the front marked with little signs reserving them for the Junior Church children when they join the service later. 

Will I have to take part in a service?  No, you won't. You don't even have to join in with the hymns if you don't feel like it. At more informal services like café church and Souper Prayer - which usually take place in a smaller room rather than in church itself - there will be a chance to be more involved if you want to, but that's up to you.  

Do I have to be a Methodist to worship in your church?  Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome at all services, from any denomination, or any faith, or none.  

Do I have to be a Methodist to take Holy Communion in your church?  Not at all. Everyone is welcome to share the bread and wine with us if they love Jesus or are seeking to get to know him, regardless of their church background. Our table is open to all, including children. We serve non-alcoholic wine, and there will be gluten free bread available.

Who do I speak to about a christening or a wedding?  Get in touch with the office in the first place.

Can I book a room at your church?  Yes, we host a lot of community activities and lots of children's parties. Get in touch with our centre manager to ask about cost and availability.

What sort of church is a Methodist church?  Methodism is a protestant denomination which separated from the Church of England in the 18th Century. Our church is part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain. We are part of the Sutton Park Circuit of churches, which is itself part of the Birmingham District.

What sort of Methodist church is this one?  We're a little larger than average, serving a suburban community on the outskirts of Birmingham. You can find out more about our church and our local area here. Please have a look around our site for information about our Methodist faith, our church groups, our community links, and our history. You can also find out a bit more about our church building itself, and our rooms and halls