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Organ Refurbishment

This page tells you something about our organ and how you can contribute to our campaign to restore and refurbish it so it can serve future generations as faithfully as it has served those who have worshipped here for the last hundred years.

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What's it all about?

What is the organ for?

The organ is a fabulous instrument that has been uplifting our worship for 110 years but is now in pressing need of refurbishment.


It was built by Norman and Beard of Norwich, a prestigious maker who also built organs in Norwich, Leeds, and Llandaff Cathedrals as well as cathedrals, churches and colleges around the world. By no means all of their organs survive - the organ in Leeds cathedral fell into disrepair and was substantially rebuilt and replaced in 2009, but sadly the one in Llandaff Cathedral was lost in an air raid in January 1941 and deemed to be beyond repair.

With such a pedigree, we have a duty to preserve this outstanding instrument, which not only enhances worship in our church but is also used to train student organists.


What's the problem?


We've had it professionally inspected by the very experienced Mike Thompson and his report independently verified. In short the pipes are of very good quality and will last for generations to come but the leatherwork and electrics are at the end of their life.

The recommended work is:


  • Pipework cleaning

  • Swell box and shutters

  • Soundboard overhaul

  • Wind trunks

  • Bellows refurbishment

  • Appropriate painting

  • Refurbishment of keys and pedals

  • General repairs and finishing

  • New action contactors

  • New trumpet and Great Mixture stops

  • Stops and pistons

  • Record/playback facility

What's the cost?

The cost of all the recommended work is around £75,000. But if we can raise the first £40,000 by donations we can access grants which will cover the rest.

We have already raised more than £26,000. Can you help us with the rest?


Funds permitting, the rebuild could start in February 2025, lasting 4 months and the refurbishment should see the organ through the next 50 years of its life.

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