Church Groups

Events at church are still affected by Covid restrictions but we are now worshipping in person as well as online, and other church activities are gradually resuming.


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As well as meeting in church on Sundays and on Wednesdays we meet together in lots of other ways, from fellowship groups and Bible study to walking, flower arranging and simply sharing fellowship over lunch, or a bacon sandwich on Saturday mornings.


Perhaps there's something on this page you would like to be involved with? 


Contact the office to be put in touch with any of these groups. 

House Groups

There are presently half a dozen house groups in church which meet regularly to support each other in prayer and fellowship, to study the Bible, and just to encourage and care for each other.  All of them welcome new members and all are open to anyone coming along to one of their meetings to see if they like the idea. The groups vary in size from just 6 or 7 people to over a dozen but none of them is too large to feel like a group of friends getting together. 


Many of the house groups have some members who do not attend church regularly or who usually attend other churches.  All the groups spend some time catching up on each other's news, usually spend a time studying a Biblical topic together, and often spend some time in prayer. 

Some of the groups have been running for many years, one or two are quite recent. If there isn't a group which meets on a day that suits you, perhaps you could start another! 

Alphabet Fellowship meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings. Recently we've been studying the book of James and the topic of faith in action in the world, and have studied God's Word through various media including Christian art, music, DVDs and poetry.

Lees Fellowship has been meeting for 30 years now on alternate Wednesday evenings and has recently been studying topics from the Pilgrim Course for the Christian Journey. We enjoy a carol service, a visit from Father Christmas and a summer party as regular features of our year.

Food for Thought meets on alternate Thursdays in the daytime, now at 9.30 in the morning rather than at lunchtime. We have studied Christian topics on DVD and various study courses as well as reading books from the Bible together.

Phil2 meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month in the evening. We take our name from Philippians Chapter 2 and the lesson of Christians encouraging each other in faith. We have recently been looking at the 24/7 Prayer Movement. 

Nodding Fellowship meets on alternate Monday evenings. We met originally at the home of a dear friend and former stalwart of our church the late John Nodding, and now take turns to host. We share Bible readings, and take care of each other in fellowship. 

Music Group

The Music Group has been going for more than 30 years and has a core of around 12 musicians and singers, who help to lead worship on many Sunday morning services and also in the evenings at café church. Members range in age from teenagers to those who have been retired for more years than they care to admit and we play a range of music from modern to very traditional. We also support other church events, for instance placing outside to spur on the runners in the annual Great Midlands Fun Run for which our church is a water station.


We are always keen to welcome new recruits, as singers or musicians, whatever your instrument or experience, and whether you're able to join us nearly every week or just once or twice.



We meet during term times on Thursday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30 am. The children enjoy stories, songs, playing with new toys, making friends and running around the hall. Parents and carers enjoy a change of company, make new friends, share a cuppa and help us demolish legendary amounts of biscuits. Everyone is welcome. Over the years our volunteers and parents have become quite a community in our own right, and we have special events from time to time, like Christmas parties and summer picnics. In the main though, we just bring people together who might otherwise feel a bit isolated. 

Monday Fellowship

We are a friendly group of around 35 or so regulars, mostly more mature people though all ages are welcome. We meet every week at church at 2.00 pm on Mondays and enjoy a range of speakers on secular and religious topics. Our meetings start with a hymn, a prayer and a Bible reading, and after we have listened to our speaker we finish with tea and biscuits and a good chat.  As well as visits from some of the circuit ministers for example, in 2019 we have speakers on subjects as differnet as Lindisfarne Castle, a bakery in Malawi, Oberammergau, Singapore and a year with the Town Crier. We pay around £2 a week each which covers all our expenses and generally allows us to make some charitable donations.

Flower Guild

We meet during on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm in church. Over the year we have a variety of different meetings including demonstrations of flower arranging skills and techniques and workshops where we all put our talents and ideas into practice. We generally have at least one outing during the year as well as an annual dinner. You will be very welcome to come along to a meeting to see whether this is the sort of thing you might like.

Luncheon Club

We get together on the last Tuesday of the month, except in July and August. We are a group offering fellowship and an opportunity to meet up, mainly to  the more mature members of our church family. We enjoy a three course lunch plus coffee and tea, prepared by a team of six volunteer cooks, and over lunch we share news and have a good chat. We aim to go home well fed and having shared our news and our concerns with a supportive group of friends.

Senior Social Events 

Some of our regular events are especially popular with more senior members of our congregation and of our local community generally - the Monday afternoon fellowship and the Wednesday morning service for example. We know that there are many retired people in our area and we are very much aware of their needs. 

We welcome senior members of our community to join us twice a year for Holiday at Home, held in August and Turkey and Tinsel in December. This picture shows the Turkey and Tinsel guests enjoying their Christmas meal in the newly refurbished Large Hall. 

We have a great team of helpers and we excel in serving a superb lunch followed by a variety of musical entertainment. But what makes these events so special is the warm and friendly atmosphere for which we have to thank not only all our wonderful volunteers but also our lively community of senior citizens who are always determined to make the occasion one to remember. 

Turkey and Tinsel 2018.png

We also meet on the second Wednesday in the month for our Extend Exercise class (moderate exercises sitting down). This is followed by a light lunch, which gives folk the opportunity to share fellowship and a good chat.

As a caring church we are aware that loneliness is a very serious problem in today’s society. These events are intended to address this and in turn, hopefully, help folk forge new friendships.

Ladies Friendship Group

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays in the month at 8.00 pm, usually in the Bennett Lounge. We have a variety of events during the year, including speakers and guests, visits to the theatre and generally socialise. Our 2019 programme includes a barn dance in April and a trip to see Guys and Dolls in June, summer strawberry picking and cream tea,  a meal out in July, a games evening in October as well as several guest speakers. We are always open to new members or to anyone who wants to come along just to see if they are interested in joining us.