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Here are some details of upcoming services

We used to use this page to list the next few services, but now we have those details on the Come to Church page.

We haven't deleted this page yet in case we decide to start using it again, but if you can see it please click the button to let our administrator know we've done something wrong!


The good news is that church is open for worship again. You can come to church every Sunday and Wednesday morning now, though for now evening services remain online only.


At the moment things are still changing quite a bit as we find our way through the changing regulations but we look forward to bringing this page back to life very soon.

In the meantime, check this page for all the latest information about worshipping with us in person, and this page for all the continuing arrangements for worshipping at home. 


We look forward to when we can add the time and the details of regular planned services here, when we can welcome you again to our beatiful church to share worship and fellowship. We're getting there, though the arrangements and the social distancing still make the experience a little strange. 


In the meantime, if you aren't able to come to one of our upcoming services in person please take the opportunity to continue to worship with us from home.


Stay safe and stay in touch with your friends, your family and above all with God.

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