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We used this page in the past to advertise Alpha Courses but it's out of date since the pandemic.

We haven't deleted this page yet in case we decide to start using it again, but if you can see it please click the button to let our administrator know we've done something wrong!


Alpha Course

We started off 2019 with an Alpha Course we ran twice a week, once in the day and once in the evening. We've run lots of courses before but this was a really good one, using Alpha's new materials. You can have a look on this page at what Alpha is all about and the next time we're arranging an Alpha Course we'll advertise it here. 


Have a look at the Alpha Walkthrough video to find out what Alpha is all about.

Alpha is a back to basics discussion of what Christians believe and why. 

The ethos is that there are no questions off limits, no questions not to ask. Alpha has run in thousands of different churches, in workplaces, in prisons, in the military, in schools. Everywhere in fact where people might want answers to some of the questions in the programme below.

Alpha assumes absolutely no prior knowledge of Christian beliefs. It's suitable for people of no faith or of other faiths who are simply curious about Christianity, for people who are beginning a journey with Jesus, for people who have been coming to churches for years and would like to re-examine why they believe what they believe.

Alpha Topics

Is there more to life than this?

Who is Jesus?

Why did Jesus die?

How can we have faith?

Why and how do I pray?

Why and how should I read the Bible?

How does God guide us?


Who is the Holy Spirit?


What does the Holy Spirit do?


How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?


How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

How can I resist evil?

Why and how should I tell others?

Why and how should I tell others?

What about the Church?

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