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We are a busy Methodist church in the Four Oaks part of Sutton Coldfield, and we serve in particular the communities of Mere Green and Four Oaks in the northernmost part of Birmingham. The menu will help you find out more about where we are and what we do. Click on the buttons for more options or follow the links in these paragraphs.


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Although our sturdy old church looks very traditional you will find our facilities are all new. As part of our calling to serve our community, when they aren't in use for services all our rooms are available for rent by getting in touch with our manager. Click this link or look out for the "book a room" buttons.

Well, our New Year started with a Friday evening spent praising and worshipping God. We invited the Circuit, gathered together the worship group, and waited to see what God could do with us. People loved it! We tried it again on 7 February, and that was great too. So ... come to Kingdom Praise 3 on 13 March. You won't need any encouragement if you're tried it already, but if you haven't, then ask around - or just take a chance like we did, and turn up anyway! Come and celebrate God's Kingdom with us in a mixture of praise, prayer and reflection.


We are also challenged to celebrate our diversity, and in particular the Methodist Church is discussing God in Love Unites Us, which is the report of the Marriage and Relationships Task Group 2019 of the Methodist Church GB. You can read the report and much background information on the link above and watch a  video on the Events page. Please be part of the conversation.

On the topic of marriage and relationships, we started 2020 with a party to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of our distinguished and much-loved members John and Margaret Taylor. We were honoured to share such a special occasion with their family and their friends from a long life of service and worship together, and there are some beautiful and touching photographs on the Circuit website


Within that lifetime of service John (or The Reverend Dr John as we should properly call him) was at one time President of the Methodist Conference, and he and Margaret served God in many capacities in the UK and in Africa. There is an invitation for members of our circuit of churches to serve for themselves as representatives of the Birmingham District at the Methodist Conference in 2020. There are some details here if you feel called to serve in this way.

Other opportunities to serve God and serve our local community are plentiful. You will see some advertised on our Events page, but many more on the Circuit website. Have you visited that recently? Contributors from all the Circuit churches mean that it has new posts all the time. You can subscribe using the "follow" button and will receive emails when something is posted that may interest you.

Kingdom Praise


Come and share worship on Friday evening


Praise, prayer and worship with our music group and friends from around the circuit and our local community in Four Oaks 

Friday 13 March 8.00 until 10.00 pm

This prayer was written for us by Deacon Marilyn.


Our loving God of diversity, forgiveness, restoration and unending grace.


Let your Spirit of equality, forgiveness and acceptance move among your people at Four Oaks Methodist Church. As you have called us to be a beacon of light, let your light shine in and through us.


Forgive your church where difference and misunderstanding has caused hurt and damage among your people. Restore her to be authentic in preaching love, forgiveness and grace; acknowledging there is no Greek or Jew in your kingdom.


I thank you that you have called us together here as your people, not by accident but by divine providence to your high praise and purpose.


I thank you that we share one faith, one baptism and believe in your forgiveness of our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.


For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours. This season and forever,


Deacon Marilyn

The Cross of Knives


This striking sculpture of a cross with a crown of thorns was created from knives taken off the streets of Birmingham. Many of our local communities have been terribly affected by the scourge of knife crime and our circuit of churches has challenged the government to take effective action to tackle it.

Members of the circuit walked alongside this cross as it was driven from Birmingham to London, culminating in a service in front of Parliament on Good Friday.

The cross itself remains an enduring symbol of our commitment. It was recently on display in our church for a week.

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