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Whilst regular services and events at church are still significantly affected by Covid restrictions, we are looking at ways to resume worship in person. Do check the COVID-19 page and the new Re-Opening Church page for the latest information.

Meanwhile visit the Worship at Home page and Junior Church at Home page 

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During the COVID-19 health crisis many services and activities which normally take place in church are suspended. The general information on our site about activities and services does not apply, though we hope we will be filling those pages with activities again soon. Click here for the latest news about church re-opening.

During this time please see in particular three new pages (also found by clicking the big buttons at the top of each page or their titles below) and visit us on Facebook.

The COVID-19 Information Page:

News and updates from church, additional contact details, the prayer line, this week's notices, and lots of other details.

Click here to find more news about the church re-opening

The Worship at Home Page:

Lots of information on where to find services on radio and TV, live services online, service sheets for home worship, materials for Bible study, links for prayer. Keep scrolling for the latest additions and for Revd Stephen's amazing Bible puzzles.

We show some live services on the Worship at Home page.

The Junior Church at Home Page:

Resources for Junior Church members to be church at home as well, including Junior Church Online on Sunday afternoons and lots of videos, puzzles and activities. Find out why young people are getting together with God every Friday at 5:17.

We have lots of links to activities on the Junior Church at Home page.

Please contribute to these pages. We want them to be as comprehensive and as up to date as possible. Tell us about something we've missed, anything that's out of date, links that have stopped working. Send us anything you would have wanted to go into our monthly magazine, the Messenger, if instead it might be suitable to go here on the website, or on our Facebook page - or both.

Whilst the health crisis continues to disrupt normal church activities so extensively we won't be updating most of the pages on our site, but we will update these three pages as often as we can - hopefully with your help! Click the big orange button to send us an email. 


It's Christian Aid Week 10-16 May. There will be no traditional envelopes again this year, but the need is as great as ever. If you're able, please click the logo to go to the Christian Aid site and make a donation.

We are an active Methodist church in the Four Oaks part of Sutton Coldfield, serving the communities of Mere Green and Four Oaks in the northernmost part of Birmingham. The menu will help you find out more about where we are and what we do.

The Frequently Asked Questions button was new just before lockdown began. Generally the answers there tell you the position in more normal times - please refer to the Covid-19, Worship at Home and Junior Church at Home pages for information during the health crisis. If you find that a more general question about what our church is like isn't covered though, or the answer isn't helpful, please tell the website editor

Although our sturdy old church looks very traditional you will find our facilities are all new. As part of our calling to serve our community, when they aren't in use for services all our rooms are (in normal times) available for rent by getting in touch with our manager. Click this link or look out for the "book a room" buttons.

Christmas lights 2020
Christmas lights 2020

The front of church ready for Christmas

FOMC in the snow
FOMC in the snow

Winter scene at FOMC

table in the quiet room
table in the quiet room

The table in the quiet room

Christmas lights 2020
Christmas lights 2020

The front of church ready for Christmas


Prayer Line

If you would like someone to pray for you, or with you, or for a particular concern that is on your heart


call the prayer line number which is 07942 581223

email the prayer line at

More than sixty UK churches contributed to this blessing. Our buildings are still mostly closed and quiet, but we are the church and you can hear our voice everywhere.

At the moment we are expecially moved by the terrible toll the virus is taking in India. Many of us have links with India or have friends or neighbours who do. Please join us in praying for help to flood into all parts of India from all parts of the world. Perhaps this version of the Blessing sung in more than thirty languages from around India will help to focus our thoughts.